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My slave died.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

dead sexy
As you may have noticed, I haven't posted in some time (1 month?) it's all a blur. You see, I had a rather sad circumstance befall my household:  On January 22nd, 2014  my beloved slave Special K was out walking and was fatally hit by a car.

So this has thrown life into a bit of a state of chaos and caused some rather intense grieving on my part.

run over whoreTo be honest, I've been pretty down since it happened and feeling somewhat powerless.

Luckily, Ashlie has been a pillar of support -- a great benefit of being poly is, in the hard times, there is a stronger support network.  If Special K was the only girl in my life/household it would have been unbearable to be in the house all alone.

That and dealing with the family and funeral obligations --it's horrible and depressing and both Ashlie and I have eaten to much from things well wishers have left.

So now there is a big gaping hole (but not the good kind) where she used to be. I will miss her lovely still warm martinis made from her female ejaculation to great me at the door. I will miss fucking her ass and cumming in it as I force her to orgasm over and over on my cock while she eats out Ashlie's tight little butthole. I will miss her young and firm body with a stomach so perfectly flat...her hairless pussy and most of all....

Asian_schoolgirlI will miss her perverted little mind. She was the only girl I've ever known to get sexually excited at the prospect of being humiliated by having to have sex with a dog. I think she actually preferred it when Ashlie hadn't had time to clean herself out with an enema so she would have a dirty cock to taste.  Her limits were so far beyond most girls that it could best be summed up by: No sawing off limbs with rusty tools.  That's about it.  (I'm fairly perverse and had to be careful of joking suggestions as she'd be like, "ummm...yeah! Let's do that!" )

I'm saddened by just all the things we'll never do together. I know she really wanted to be ass fucked by Max Hardcore and to have him piss in her ass so she could drink it: all just to please me. She was hot, young and thin enough to be a model and I'm sure Max Hardcore would have fucked her ass mercilessly without hesitation. I'd even planned on asking him to go extra hard on her because she would love that. Then I was going to fuck her super hard right afterwards...but no more.

The missed opportunities.  The things I meant to do --thinking time was unlimited. But it's not.

And where will I find another Asian bi-slut that's submissive, poly and deeply in love with Ashlie in a non-competitive way?

So Special K, you will be dearly missed. My you have your 72 virgins in heaven...because if anyone could be gangbanged by 72 girls, it was you.  <3  Give'm hell girl.
devil girl

Alan Turing Pardoned

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Appreciating this killed Alan Turing, father of
the modern computer. 
I just read about this:  the British government pardoned Alan Turing this week! I was super surprised for this because, wtf did the father of modern computer programming do wrong? I'd never heard a peep about him having a 'criminal' side --although I've often read of the Turing test and his many other accomplishments that have made this digital age possible. Such as the concepts of algorithms and computation. He is the father of Artificial Intelligence. And he helped win WWII by breaking the Enigma code.

So what did Turing do that was so wrong? This links back to may posts on Sex and the Law... and how governments have no goddamn right to interfere with human sexuality.  Well, it turns out that Turing was convicted of being a homosexual! Again, wtf? That's no crime. But his punishment was: chemical castration.  Yes, the father of modern computing was chemically castrated by the fascist British penal system. And the result? He committed suicide less than 2 years later.

But at least they pardoned him...way the fuck after the fact and way to late-- but I am still disgusted.  Seriously, chemically castrating someone is unforgivable. And doing so because he preferred men is obscene and perfect example of how the morals of the day can blind us to what is actually right and wrong.

The 'justice' system killed one of the brightest minds of the 20th century by castrating him and labeling him a criminal. Imagine all the contributions we denied ourselves because we couldn't stomach the fact that he liked men. Sure, breaking the enigma code brought world war two to an end much quicker but a war hero or not, he was convicted of homosexuality in 1952.

So I say it again: government has no place in the bedrooms of the people.


Is 1.25 hours a Quickie?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

anal offering
I barely had any time with Ashlie today...2 hours max. And I spent a good 1 1/4 of them fucking her sweet, sexy little ass.  Actually, that's not entirely true. I also fucked her filthy mouth. And I pissed in her mouth twice. So overall, we spent some quality time together.

While I was fucking her, she begged me to get her a new slave sister -- one that she could help train to be a pain slut. She told me that she also wanted to train her to squirt for me so that she could have me come home to wonderful fresh glasses of her female ejaculate.

I have to give Ashlie credit, she does know how to beg. But I am also suspicious that she was trying to make me cum in her ass with the filthy words she was using. That and her touching herself so she came hard on my cock for me. Seeing her cum is so wonderful <3

It felt so goddamn good to fuck her ass this afternoon. It was so smooth and perfect-- and my cock was raging hard for her (like always.)  Ashlie also showed me a pretty hardcore site that she'd found -- because you know,  porn is always a good addition to any fuck session.

I have to admit, I was pretty tempted to fuck her pussy today but, melt my heart, when I mentioned it Ashlie said, "Oh no Master! I am much too young for that! Please just keep fucking my ass."   Sometimes it's hard not just to shoot my load deep up inside of her.

In the end, we both had to run but that was definitely a shorter fuck session for it wrong to call that a quickie?

Australian Kisses

Saturday, January 18, 2014

My sister just got back from Australia so I thought I'd do a post on Australian Kisses. What's an Australian Kiss? It's just like a French kiss but down under. ;)

Austrailian Kiss

Basically, it's another way of saying, 'oral sex' or 'cunnilingus' but I like it more because it really is a lot more like a French Kiss than anything else! God, I love tasting pussy! <3 <3

But one word of caution: this is not to be confused with an Austrian Kiss...which is a more of Klimt Kiss on the side of the cheek:
Austrian Kiss